Paul Stewart Logistics Law

Representative Cases

  • Received policy limit in “additional insured” litigation with carrier insurer and client avoided claim on insurance or payment to shipper/customer.
  • Recovered $360,000 for Purchaser of Defective Trailers
  • Successfully Defended Trucking Company and Officer from Claim of Fraud by Factoring Company $1.2M
  • Successfully Defended 3PL in $1M+ Tortious Interference Lawsuit
  • Successfully Argued $500,000+ Required Payment by Purchaser in Bankruptcy
  • Successfully Defended Warehouseman for $500,000+ Loss of Equipment
  • Recovered $331,000 for Shipper against 3PL, Unauthorized Use of Intermodal Transport
  • Litigation Recovered $300,000 for 3PL Against Managing 4PLMerged All North American Companies of Major International Logistics Company
  • Compelled Cargo Insurance Carrier to Cover $153,000 Cargo Loss in Policy Interpretation
  • Successfully Defended Vicarious Liability Lawsuit with Catastrophic Injuries Resulting in Client’s Dismissal from Multi-Party U.S. District Court Complaint
  • Successfully Defended 3PL in Rail Company Lawsuit for Destruction of Rail Containers/HazMat
  • Litigation Settlement Successfully Enforced Employment Covenants Requiring New Employer to Share Revenue Produced by Former Employee
  • Successfully Defended Numerous Bankruptcy Preference Claims
  • Structured Numerous Collaborative Logistics Agreements
  • Lead Counsel on Several M & A Negotiations, Closing and Integration Resulting in Highly Profitable Growth
  • Developed Contingency Purchase Model Resulting in Exceptional Added Value to all Transactions
  • Lead Counsel on Acquisition Resulting in $1M profit on day of Closing